Copyright Policy

Authors whose articles are published in TISER transfer all copyrights of their works to TISER free of charge under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY 4.0). Therefore, no royalties can be claimed for published articles. TISER reserves the right to share the published articles in print or on the internet for academic purposes. However, the authors are primarily and completely responsible for the content of the articles. TISER cannot be held responsible in any way for the content of the published articles.

Authors are free to share their works published in TISER with whomever they wish and in any medium they wish. Anyone who wishes to benefit from an article published in TISER must cite the source. Quotations from the articles published in TISER or references to the articles cannot be made without citing the source.

From the moment the authors submit their work to the journal, it is assumed that they accept the above-mentioned license terms as well as the principles of open access and allow the public sharing of their works.